MONDAY: Awesome but Terrifying: ICE!

Sorry about the delayed post, friends.  I had a really good day yesterday, and by the time I got home, ran, made and finished dinner I sort of just felt like spending time without a computer on my lap.

LUCKILY I have the day off today, Tuesday, because of primary elections.  So I’ll have plenty of time to perfect this post on ICE!

Ice is completely awesome.  It’s beauty is incomparable and to look upon giant icebergs or the landscape of Greenland or Antarctica is a feast for the eyes.  The blues, whites, and greens are breathtaking.


Don’t get me wrong, I am completely mesmerized by all things ice.  If a PBS special is on, you know I’m going to have to DVR RHONY and watch the ice special instead.

There are few things that inspire in me more feelings of loneliness that imagining vast fields of ice.  All I can think about is the stinging cold, the ice feeling like knives, and the hopelessness if I were to slip into a deep ice crevasse.  These are the things I think about when watching TV specials on ice.

Ice is completely awesome but terrifying.  I will forever be in awe of the amazing beauty of ice, but will always get chills up my spine upon every image I see.


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