TUESDAY: Totally Awesome but Terrifying: The Unclaimed Baggage Center

Today gets an Awesome but Terrifying post — even though it’s technically not a “school day” and not technically part of the SUMMER COUNTDOWN.  But I saw this on the Travel Channel and thought, “if I went there it would be awesome!”  but I also thought, “if I lost my luggage it would be terrifying!”

Have you ever felt like this after realizing that all of the stuff you packed for your trip to Toronto is lost somewhere out in airport baggage claim limbo?

Don’t worry!  The airlines are about to sell it to the people who run this place:

The Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama — just where you want all your lost Gucci clothes and iPod going!

The airlines don’t sell your stuff right away.  First they assure you that they cannot locate your bag and they compensate you.  Then once they DO find your stuff they sell it.

To be fair, I’m making this sound much worse than it really is – although I, myself, have never lost anything via airline.

It’s amazing what people entrust to the airline baggage service.  They have entire racks of wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses.

I considered myself a pretty cool bride, but if someone would have LOST my wedding dress I would have gone Bill O’Reilly on them!

(NSFW — because I know so many of you read my blog at work)

Here’s the awesome part.  This store literally has anything you could ask for!  They even have a museum full of rare artifacts and works of art!

Here it is:

Impressive, I know.

I sort of want to go here.  I wonder if they erase pictures and music off cameras and iPods before putting them up for sale.  If not, I’m sure some people get an eyeful once they make their purchase!

It’s the Unclaimed Baggage Center, go there.



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4 responses to “TUESDAY: Totally Awesome but Terrifying: The Unclaimed Baggage Center

  1. Whitney,
    Glad to see we are on your radar! I’m not sure where you are blogging from, but if you ever make your way to our store in North Alabama, let me know and I’ll treat you to lunch (you’ll have to teach me about healthier options!) and tell you more about the store.
    Take Care,
    Brenda Cantrell
    Director of Marketing
    Unclaimed Baggage Center

    • You are totally on my radar! I saw you guys on the Travel Channel and was blown away! 🙂 If I am every near Alabama I’ll have to come see you! I can’t believe you found this post 🙂 Although I’ve never been, the Unclaimed Baggage Center gets the Blogtastic Blog seal of approval! (it’s nearly as newsworthy as a Good Housekeeping seal 😉 )

  2. spikeandrox

    Wouldn’t that be a great road trip during summer break? 🙂

  3. highonhealthy

    That place looks magical. How can they get some of that stuff though? Some of it looks so valuable and I know that if I really loved something I would not stop hunting for it.

    Haha.. that Billy O’Reilly video was awesome. What an ass.

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