Guess Who Commented On My Blog?!?!

The marketing director of the Unclaimed Baggage Center!  I’m just tickled over it!  It’s so neat!

Anyway, I ate some food today.  Some of it was great food.  Some of it wound up on my clothes.  Some of it I wanted to have an affair with.

Here we go.  B-fast was great!  An egg.

Plus sandwich thin.

Plus a handfull of spinach.

Equals a Samwise Gowngee!

I am completely banking on Samwise Gowngee becoming a universal term for “sandwich”.

Then I had some strawberries for first snack.  Too bad I wiped my fingers on my khaki pants after each berry I ate.  By the time I was done my pants looked as though I had committed a heinous crime and simply wiped up using my pants.  Fool proof.

Then I ate lunch.  A black bean burger atop romaine and spinach.  It wasn’t everything I’d hoped for.  I had added blue cheese dressing to it, but it made the burger a little soggy.

Yes, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.  Those last two pictures were blurry.  Leave it to me to take blurry pictures with such a baller camera.

I was so hungry by the end of the day I thought I might barf.  I woofed this gingersnap Larabar.  This bar has it all, soy free, kosher, raw, organic, gluten free, dairy free, no weird piercings, no baggage, and it’s nice to it’s mom.  You’re ready to take him home to mom, aren’t you.

So an hour later when I got home I was starving again.  I didn’t want to go for my 3 mile run with no fuel, so I buttered up half a sandwich thin with crunchy almond butter and threw on some strawberries.  I was so hungry I could have MOed with this thing.

Don’t worry, I didn’t.  The half Samwise Gowngee called me a tease, so I ate it!

Off to do a 3 miler.  Check back later for another SUMMER COUNTDOWN installment of AWESOME BUT TERRIFYING!



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2 responses to “Guess Who Commented On My Blog?!?!

  1. spikeandrox

    I love your ‘awesome but terrifying.’

  2. Thanks! I ran out of questions of the day — but I’m not sure I will ever run out of awesome but terrifying things 🙂

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