Yeah, yeah, I ate some food.  I had an okay orange that I didn’t finish and a waffle for b-fast.  I took a picture but I somehow didn’t transfer it to my iPhoto ANYWAY, get to the bar!

Then I had an apple.

Then I had some pretty epic pizza I made the other night.  Pizza crust, 400 degree oven, garlic olive oil, ricotta, moz, fresh oregano, and tomato slices.  Awesome.  Even better cold, at lunch, two days later.

OKAY then, for second snack, I ate the greatest bar I’ve ever eaten.  It was literally made of walnuts, pistachios, raw honey, dates, and heaven.  Here it is.  You could eat it for dessert every day.

I think I might.

Dear Bora Bora People,

You have changed my life.  Your Paradise Walnut Pistachio bar is truly that – paradise.  If you could just trade out one of these bars for every pack of fruit snacks or doritos in my students’ lunches we could start our own healthy, whole foods revolution!  I can’t imagine anyone who could deny the salty-sweet-nutty deliciousness of this bar.  You have created a masterpiece.

I love you.



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One response to “GO OUT AND BUY THIS BAR!

  1. spikeandrox

    Add some cut asparagus, canned will work, and that pizza will fly….oh, also some black olives….yum….

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