Get Your Curry Chicken Salad!!!

MMM!  Is it strange to daydream about all the great things I’ve eaten today?  I’m just going to own it!

After dinner tonight – which was EPIC – I loaded my pictures to blog.  After seeing a picture of my breakfast I started thinking, “I’m so trucking lucky to eat like this every day!”  Then I wanted some oatmeal.

Not this oatmeal…it’s too lumpy.

Ahh, almond milk makes everything juuuuuust right.

So I was thrown into a tizzy — yes, I just said “tizzy” — when I got my lunch out of my lunch sack only to find that it had leaked!  Like crazy leaked!  Good thing old Meijer bags are waterproof!

Anyway, lunch was the leftover roasted broc and zucchini with bbq sauce.

No second snack.

THEN DINNER!  I made farmer’s market corn of the cob and curry chicken salad without a recipe! BOOM!

I’ll give you the recipe I came up with though.

Here’s the corn. Yum.

Then I grilled up some chicken with salt and lemon pepper.  As it was grilling I chopped 4 stalks of celery (including the tops — they are tasty, try them! They don’t want to live in the trash!).

Once grilled I shredded the chicken with two forks.

Then I mixed together:

  • 1/4 c light mayo
  • maybe a tablespoon of mustard
  • 2 tsp curry powder
  • 3 Tbs of apple cider vinegar

And added in the chicken and celery.  Then I thought, this needs something else. Enter APPLE.

I mixed it up and threw it on a bed of baby spinach.  That’s Earth Balance on the corn. Yum times.

It’s true that food can make you feel good when you’re eating it.  Food can also make you feel like barfing after you’ve eaten it.  Today I ate food that made me happy whilst eating it and that made me happy after I’d finished it. Go me.



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6 responses to “Get Your Curry Chicken Salad!!!

  1. Awesome food! That oatmeal looks so delicious with all the strawberries and peanut butter!

  2. I can’t wait to try your curry chicken salad! I love that you added apple! I like to use the celery tops too.

  3. spikeandrox

    Try some halved seedless grapes–white or red–instead of apples…it’s epic flavor….

  4. highonhealthy

    Coooorn. That one is so perfectly yellow.

    My celery tops always get fed to the garbage.. but maybe I’ll be nice and try cooking with them. The less waste the better!

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