I Never Thought This Day Would Come!

I’m in somebody’s blog roll!  I said way back in February, “one day, I’ll be in someone’s blog roll.”  AND NOW I AM! All my dreams are coming true!

These girls are pretty awesome (not to mention brave).  I can’t imagine keeping up with a blog in high school — but they do it!

Check out Brooke and Ashley >>>> here.



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5 responses to “I Never Thought This Day Would Come!

  1. highonhealthy

    Lol, I always get excited when I see myself in someone’s blog roll. Not going to lie, it definitely makes my day. I’ll help make this dream come true even more truer by adding you to my blog roll. 😉

  2. Holy cow! This IS the best day ever! Thanks, Ayla, and you shall be added to mine (you’re already in my google reader :))

  3. Girlie, you’ve been on mine for a while 😉

    • WHAT!? I had no idea, Paula (you’re in my google reader so I never actually look on your site)! I’m sorry I didn’t thank you earlier! And you are on mine as well 🙂 Thanks for the blog roll shout out!

  4. spikeandrox

    …and we thank you all for putting Ms. Whitney in your blog rolls. Shout outs to all who have listed her there…. “her Mom, Spike, & Zi”

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