Saturday, May 29th: Off To The VA

I woke up and ran 6 miles.  I was supposed to do 10 but I was feeling pushed for time, was getting frustrated because of it during my run, and was put in a bad mindset by mile 5, so when I was due to pass my house at mile 6 I decided to call it a day.

So I took a fast shower, got packed even faster (I forgot to pack shirts — SHIRTS!), and ate second breakfast (I ate cinnamon oats at 5am before my run).

Here it is, wild berry waffle-almond butter-strawberry sandwich.  It was serious.

Then we got in the car for the 6 hour drive to Virginia.  Phyn was excited.

I was hungry.  Enter banana.

Then we ate some cheese and hummus when we got to the house.  And then we went to Cheeseburger in Paradise to meet Walter and Jay — long lost friends who I used to play Photo Hunt with whilst drinking rum and cokes each friday after work.  We ordered chips and dip.

They brought us 5 baskets of chips.  I kid you not.  Five.  We had crab dip, queso, and guac.  The guac made my heart sad though.  It tasted like nothing.  We sent it back.  Poor avocado, you were meant for so much more.

You should have been made into a little person, like this lime and orange in my Electric Lizard drink.

I thought about collecting the sunglass pins from each drink as a trophy — soon my shirt would be filled with the sunglasses of drinks I had conquered!  Wait, this was the only drink I had.  Well, I had a Purple Werple Shooter (or something close to that name…).  Only, I’m a peaceful person and don’t shoot things so this drink was sipped.

I was tired by 7:30.  But I stayed out until 9:30! WIN!  I also got my long lost love — ARCH’S! I love Arch’s — ever since they first opened when I was about 9.  Back then I always got chocolate ice cream with colored sprinkles and M&Ms.  Today I get a “custom archer” made with choco ice cream, wet walnuts, and M&Ms.  Favorite food contender? Maybe.

What a great day.  Stick around…the weekend only got better!  Memorial Day At Whiterock post coming soon!


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