Memorial Day; A Week Late

It took me a while, but it was the last week of school — so I’ve been busy.  Here’s the Memorial Day recap.

We went to White Rock.  That’s my grandma’s childhood home! It’s up on the Ty river in VA. It’s a drive to get up there.  There are many back roads and hills.  Here’s one of them — it’s on Cub Creek.  Here’s us going up the hill.  It doesn’t look like much, but it’s a big one.

You can’t tell from the picture, but when you get to the top of the hill it’s literally like the road drops off. Here’s the “going down” photo.

TYou know you’re at White Rock when you see the lower house.

Here’s the front door, and the cool horse shoe above the door.

And the back of the lower house.

Then we walked into White Rock.

There was breakfast to be had.  Granma made us some fried eggs.

Best eggs you’ll ever have.  There were biscuits made by Aunt Lura.

Country ham.  If you don’t know what it is or how awesome it is….I just don’t know what to do.  Here’s the skinny, you don’t have refrigerate it (practically) because it’s salt cured.  I get it every Christmas from my grandparents.  It’s amazing.

Eat it, now.

Here’s some freezer jam that Ann makes.  You mash up some strawberries, mix in some other stuff, and put it in the freezer.  It tastes like fresh berries and keeps for up to a year! YUMALICIOUS!

Here’s my plate.

Fried egg, biscuit, sausage, gravy, cantaloupe, bacon, and country ham.

Then we went for a walk.  Kellen had to pull up his high socks to avoid the nettles and snakes.

Here are some things we saw.  Big spiders by the mill.

We could have gotten a better photo but the spider was so big, if we’d gotten closer it would have eaten our faces!  Hold up your hand in front of your face — yep, that’s how big this spider was.

Then we went down by the river.

I’m looking from rocks to skip.

Then we walked up to the bridge.  We saw a dead tree on the way.

The bridge.  It’s held up with a rock.

The view from the bridge.

There was an ant on the bridge carrying a dead bug.

Also, is this photo not amazing.  I win first prize in the county fair photo exhibit in my mind.

Then we went to Ann’s cabin for supper.  Delicious food was had by all.

The fish that Ann caught.  We didn’t eat it, but I’m sure it was eaten the next day.  We had hot dogs and BBQ!

Then dessert.  It was a birthday.

Along with the cake I also had cherry delight.  Which was delightful.

Yes, Kellen rolled me out the door of the cabin.  I have not been this full since Christmas.

Also, that goodness I finally got this post done!  I can now get back to posting regularly!

Also, summa time is here! I can’t believe it! Today was the last day of school! It was outstanding.


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