Apparently I became a sumo wrestler yesterday.  I hear they eat very healthily, however, they eat massive amounts of whatever they prepare.

I ate so much at one point yesterday that I had a very noticeable food baby.

It started off innocently enough.  I had a mini choco-chip Cliff bar.  We thought this was a box of normal sized Cliff bars when we bought it.  It wasn’t.

Whitney! No wonder you ate so much, you had such a tiny breakfast!

Relax, critics!  I ate a small b-fast before running!  You know I eat again soon after I run!

Here’s what I ate after my 4 miles.  Leftover potato and spinach smash and a salad with tomatoes and sesame dressing.

I went into school to finish packing up my room.  Then got some sushi on the way home — along with some onion rings.

God I love sushi — only the kind from the supermarket though, because I’m classy like that.

Here’s the things about the onion rings.  I LOVE Funions.  LOVE THEM!  And I found a “healthier” alternative to them at the store today.

Okay, by “healthier” I mean that they don’t have all the preservatives in them that Funions do.  Here they are.  They are EPIC!  I could eat them by the bagful.  And I nearly did just that.

These were crazy delicious!  Definitely not an every-week purchase though.

Anyway, after these two items I was ready to barf.

For dinner (and even though I wasn’t all that hungry) I had leftover burrito from the other day.  WIN Whitney.  WIN.

It was a day of delicious.  But a day of excess.

Do you ever have days where you just eat because you want it, hunger be damned?



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4 responses to “I ATE SO MUCH!

  1. highonhealthy

    Those days exist pretty much all the time for me. Food is just so fantastic! I wish it were possible to eat and eat but not get fat.. then again, maybe that wouldn’t be such a great idea. The world would probably run out of food really quickly.

    • HAHA — run out of food! I actually lived that life in high school — I ate and ate and still looked like a refugee! Hello college, I couldn’t do that anymore. My days of eating whole loaves of bread at a time were official behind me 😦

  2. healthy funions? amazing!

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