The Search Is On…

For cute boots.

Just kidding.  The search is on for Breaking Dawn.  I searched everywhere for this book — and by everywhere I mean I looked at our WalMart neighborhood market and the Kroger.  All they had was Eclipse!  And it wasn’t even the Eclipse with the ribbon on it cover — it had Kristen Stewart’s mug on the front.

So I decided that instead of traipsing all over town looking for the book I wanted I would just return to an old author who I love.  Janet Evanovich.  I’m a big fan of Stephanie Plum, but there were no Stephanie Plum books at Kroger.  Instead I found this little ditty — which features my hubs as the love interest!

Yes, I’m a connoisseur of fine writing.  You should be intimidated by the width and breadth of my literary knowledge.

So before getting sucked into Hot Stuff at the pool I went on a grueling 6 mile run in the heat.  Don’t get me wrong, I woke up at 6:30 ready to pound it out on the pavement.  Somehow, however, I didn’t make it out of the house until 8:30 — thank you google reader.

I managed to get through the 6 miles with several walking breaks.  One of which was the entire length of the song “Who Are You” by The Who.  The older ladies speed walking past me were not impressed by my air drumming skills.  I waved anyway but they avoided making eye contact.  I heard them grumbling about “youths” as they took their perfectly white Keds on down the street.

Before stumbling through 6 miles I ate half a sandwich thin with almond butter and banana.

At around 10am it was time for second breakfast.  Shakeology!

That was one thick shake!

Pool time!  Literally every girl at the pool ages 18-24? (I hope none of them were over 24!) had at least one tattoo.  And not even good tattoos.  I saw one on a very thin girl that was basically a semi circle that went from one hip bone to the other.  That’s great, and I’m sure it said something like, “butterflies tickle my tummy” but when you are preggers that will not be cute.

How awesome is failblog?

Anyway, to give you a picture of what the scene at the pool was like, imagine this:

The cast of the Real World plus the Jersey Shore plus some kids, plus some 37 year old women who looked 55 because they spend all their time at the pool smoking full tar Marlboros.  Then there’s me.  Who has pulled a lounge chair into the shade, has a tube of 100+ SPF sunscreen next to her, full coverage sunglasses and her husband’s too-big for her Indians ball cap on.  Sex on a stick.

I was eating cherries too.

After about an hour I’d had my fill of fun in the sun and heading inside for my love.

What? I said I went to WalMart looking for Breaking Dawn! You know when I go to WalMart it’s hard for me to walk out of there without pasta salad.  I don’t care what is in this stuff.  I have to have it — said Lindsay.

I finished the night with a hot dog.  Not the most balanced eating day.  But everything was delish!


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