Good News!

I don’t feel like quitting the marathon training anymore!  That’s right, I wanted to quit.  I wasn’t feeling successful in my training, I was focusing too much on pace and I didn’t feel like I was getting enough rest between my runs.

As I said before I loved my half marathon training that came from Runner’s World.  Well, I searched, and searched, and searched and found a beginner’s marathon training guide from Runner’s World.  It has the rest I deem necessary and milage that I’m happy with.

I went on a 5 mile run today (my long run for the week).  I focused on finishing the whole thing without feeling like dying and I felt really successful — like my head is finally in the right place!

My pace stayed close to 10:15 during training for the half.  Today’s pace was about 10:20 — I’m happy with this because 1. I had my watch set to time rather than pace (to force myself to listen to my body rather than a gadget) and 2. I stayed steady the whole run.  Recently I’ve been going out way too fast and totally killing myself at the end.

I started my morning at 6am with banana pumpkin seed oats and coffee with almond milk.  I hadn’t had banana oats in so long it was a nice change.

After my amazing run I iced down my hamstring and had Kellen dig into my muscle tissue with the edge of my piece of ice.  That’s right.  I’ve used the same thing of ice after my runs for so long that it’s gone from being ice cubes to one large ice slab that fits perfectly to my leg.  It’s the first time he’s been there after a run to do the ice thing and let me tell you — it was amazing.  Like getting a cold massage.  Then afterwards, my leg felt amazing, no tightness, no trouble walking up the stairs, nothing!  This is a miracle cure!  Thank you Gabe (the guy that told me to do this).

After a shower I was feeling like second breakfast.  Enter yogurt mess.  Now, you know I don’t like yogurt, but at Meijer this week I found Chobani!  I have read so much about the Choz that I had to try it.  It was not so bad!  I mixed half a thing of vanilla with strawberries, blackberries, and honey.

After mixing it up I felt like it needed something more.  Oats!

This literally smelled like dessert!  It still had the taste of yogurt, and in the future I will probably only add about 1/4 of the yogurt cup.

Yummy and satisfying!



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2 responses to “Good News!

  1. highonhealthy

    Yay for not backing out of the marathon training!

    I like the idea of adding pumpkin seeds to oats.. and I may have to attempt that tomorrow. Pumpkin Protein Oats with Pumpkin Seeds. Sounds catchy.

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