Best Thing I’ve Ever Made!

I think this might be it, people!  Alert the media!

It’s goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts with a sun dried tomato cream sauce.  Holy inappropriateness me and this meal need to get a room!

The side item for this amazing dish was spicy roasted broccoli.

The baby birds could smell this wafting under the door and called out for some goat cheese chicken lovin’!  I tried to convince them that it was sort of like cannibalism, but they are so young, I was unable to talk any sort of sense into them!

The cream sauce is rich and delicious without making your feel like unbuttoning your shorts after you’re done, the chicken is flavorful and moist — and I don’t even like goat cheese!

Just make this for dinner tonight — your man will adore you!



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2 responses to “Best Thing I’ve Ever Made!

  1. spikeandrox

    ….ok-ok…is that just outside?

  2. Yep! The lower right hand corner, where that dark triangle is — that’s the door. So they are literally right outside our door. It’s a family of sparrows.

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