Dinner Schedule For The Week

Here’s the dinner plan for the week.

Monday: Goat Cheese Chicken with Sun Dried Tomato Sauce

Tuesday: Pesto Lasagna

Wednesday: Pizza from Mexico

Thursday: Leftover Lasagna

Friday: Thai Noodle Bowls

Click the links to get the recipes — there’s no link for Pizza from Mexico because it’s pretty much a no-brainer.  Make a pizza crust (I like Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat mix), and pile on the veggies and cumin!

Here’s a picture of Phyn:



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6 responses to “Dinner Schedule For The Week

  1. highonhealthy

    I like the idea of making a dinner plan for the week! There’s so many recipes I want to try but I always forget to buy the ingredients. Maybe if I plan it out a bit then I’ll know to get them beforehand.

    Phyn = too adorable for words.

    • The dinner plan really helps me eat better too (without getting board). If I’m left to my own devices I’d be eating buttered bread for dinner each night!
      Whenever I have a post without photos I think I’ll just post one of Phyn!

  2. spikeandrox

    …love me some “gran-dog…”

  3. spikeandrox

    ….and love me some daughter….

  4. Wow, that pesto lasagna recipe looks yummy. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out, and I’ve bookmarked it to try myself!

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