Office Space

Here is the office.

Impressive, no?  To be fair, this was after I started cleaning it — it gets worse before it gets better, I swear!

The fact is that I avoided this room.  Unfortunately it’s on the way to the bedroom, so I got a daily reminder about all the mail that needed to be gone through, all the yet to be unpacked boxes from when we moved TWO years ago, and all the rubbermaid bins leftover from my high school/college days.

So I started cleaning.  Then I realized I needed bins — not plastic bins, but grown up bins! Bins, bins, BINS!

This is a word I say all day long in the classroom.  “it’s in the pink bin”, “put it in the bin over there”, “just look in the bin on your table”, “that’s what the bin is for with the things in it!”

So I went to Target and got some big girl bins.

Organization ensued.

But not before many trips to the GoodWill.

And the dumpster.

Finally, a clean, organized office emerged.

Organized books!

A place to read the books.

Organized photos!

A place for reflection.

And a place for tranquility.

I just can’t believe how much I cleared out of here.  Next room up on the docket — the laundry/mud room.


You love my rhymes.



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4 responses to “Office Space

  1. spikeandrox

    Wow! Great organization! Do I recognize some bits of home there? 😉

  2. highonhealthy

    Okay, the first picture scared me but the after picture? WOW. Seriously. Your office looks fantastic now! We should trade. I’ll take your pretty clean office and you can have my living room dining table. 😉

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