Have come to visit!

Allison is my best friend and Justin is her manly travel companion.  Justin is making the move to San Francisco to continue his doctor-studies.  Allifun was more than obliged to make the trek across the country with him.  Their first stop was our house! YAY!

The obligatory pose with the Emmy.

They came bearing gifts of fine Meade!

After listening to J-Tim for about a half an hour we hit the town.  Mondays are big in the sexy lexy.

In reality we were four of eight total people in the bar.  And of the four people in the bar who were not in our party only two were sane.

We were asked by one patron if we were on TV and then she informed us that she had recently been cast on the show “Royal Pains”.  She then asked us if she could please live in the ladies restroom.

We were then approached by a guy at the bar who wanted to know “what our game was” and if we were “yuppies”.  I quickly informed him it was my life’s aspiration to be part of the eighties up and coming elite.

Ahhh, Mondays.

Unfortunately Justin and Allifun left this afternoon to drive into tornado ally until they couldn’t keep their eyes open anymore.  Godspeed, good friends.


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