March To My Beet!

So I have managed to remain on the healthy train for the past two meals.  As some of you saw on facebook, I roasted some beets last night.

They are seriously sweet when roasted.

I’ve always liked pickled beets, but I’ve never had beets any other way.  And I’ve certainly never tried to make them into anything myself.  But last night I tackled these bad boy root veggies.

While chunking them into pieces to roast I learned that you could never murder a beet, as the purple stains covering your hands would soon give you away to the veggie police.

So I doused them in a little olive oil and salt and threw them in the oven at 400 for about 15 minutes.  I also roasted up some cabbage in the same manner.

Make sure if you roast cabbage you DO NOT separate the leaves (as I had seen done on another blog).  They will burn to a disgusting crisp.  Leave them in big chunks and you’ll be golden.

All of this roasting was in preparation for a pasta salad a la Caitlin over at Healthy Tipping Point.

In addition to the roasted veg I added half a red onion, some raw spinach and some feta. Oh yeah, and some pasta.  I had a little bit of gemelli pasta and a little bit of rotini left in the cupboard so we had a mix.

I made a balsamic reduction to pour over the whole thing.

Good news! The beets gave everything a mageneta-y glow!

More good news, there’s about a thousand pounds of this stuff left!  Hello leftovers!

Then I had a pretty epic desert thanks to some choco-choco-chip cookies Allison brought me.

Heated cookie with almond butter, strawberries, and nutella on the side.

Can I please have this for breakfast tomorrow?



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2 responses to “March To My Beet!

  1. I’m making this beet pasta salad this week! We got our food from the CSA share & it had beets & cabbage. Do you think it’d be good with green onions because we got scallions too? I might need your help figuring out ways to cool all my stuff!

    Any ideas about cooking with fennel or radishes? And what should I cook with sage & thai basil? Or chives – other than a baked potato?

    • Cabbage and beets go well together! How German! I think scallions would taste great in some sort of cold salad with them. I’ve never tasted thai basil but I think your herbs (and shredded cabbage) sound like they’d be yummy with some rice noodles, peanut sauce, lime and some of your scallions on top! I would also go to or and you can put in what ingredients you have and they will give you tasty recipes to go with it! Let me know what The thai basil tastes like, I’m curious!

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