I went out to lunch today with Kirsten.  We went to Cheddar’s — seriously, can you eat here too often?  I think not.  I got the yoush — Asian chicken and shrimp salad. I don’t know what they marinate the chicken and shrimp in, but it is seriously magical.

I was excited to eat with my friend, but even more excited when she told me that she wanted to start living a healthier lifestyle.  Cheers, friend!  Welcome to the dark side!  Now I have someone to talk to about all the things a read and documentaries I watch!  Kirsten told me about something she recently saw called Killer At Large.  It sounds pretty good.  Plus, I can get it on my insta-NetFlix — so good news, I don’t even have to walk the 100 yards to my mailbox to get the movie about obesity.

Whilst out, I also bought this little gem:

I am very excited about this!  You literally look up a food item and it tells you things that go well with it.  Not only that, but it gives a nice overview of how to think about taste, texture, temperature, and visual appeal when putting together meals.  It makes special notes about seasonal items and how heavy or light certain flavors are.

So I got home and thought to myself, “I’d like to eat some strawberries”.  So I looked up “strawberries” and went down the list of items that go well with it.

Let’s see:

  • Ricotta cheese
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Black Pepper
  • Citrus

Alright, I’ve got ricotta, vinegar and pepper!  Let’s do it up.

FAIL. The ricotta is mold city.

Good news, I have some lemon sorbet in the freezer!  I sauté some strawberries with some pepper, throw them on top of the sorbet and drizzle them with leftover balsamic from last night.

Delicious snack FTW!

Thank you, Flavor Bible.  I hope that one day you’re stained with foodstuffs and your pages are sticking together because of my inability to wipe my hands before thumbing through your pages whilst cooking.


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