Wonky Pizza!

Wonky is another word for crazy.  As in, “he’s not really glaring at you, he’s just got a wonky eye!”

So I set out to turn beety pasta salad into pizza!  And. It. Was. EPIC!

On the top of a pre-made pizza crust I put a garlic infused olive oil (hello, it’s just chopped up then mooshed up garlic put in a little olive oil — so easy!) then I added artichoke hearts and beets from the beet pasta salad from last night (and today’s leftovers).  The whole thing was topped with feta cheese.  While this was toasting up in the oven…

I made another balsamic reduction to drizzle on the top of the pizza.

I think you could probably make some sort of crowd-control vapor bomb out of this stuff.  What?  You’ve never heard of a vapor bomb?  It’s pretty much what your kitchen will become whilst making this delicious sauce.

The pizza turned purpley.

Enter balsamic drizzle.

This pizza was seriously tasty.  Plus the crust completely held up under some serious pressure from the weight of these toppings.

Re-worked leftover WIN!



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2 responses to “Wonky Pizza!

  1. spikeandrox

    How would an Italian cheese (not the usual mozz or parm) have gone w/ this, putting it on the crust before the veggies?

  2. It probably would have worked, but I just really liked the strong flavor of the feta…goat cheese might be good, or smoked moz. What other Italian cheeses are you thinking about?

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