Strawberry Buckwheat Deliciousness + A Time Trial

I had a buckwheat pancake with almond butter, walnuts, strawberries and honey with a side of cantaloupe this morning.  So good.

Eating well never looked so deliciously decadent!

I have a time trial today.  I’m running a mile.

Like a model who won’t wake up for less than 10 large, I wonder if it’s worth getting ready just to run a mile.  I guess I probably should.  I’ll update you later and let you know how it goes.



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4 responses to “Strawberry Buckwheat Deliciousness + A Time Trial

  1. beautiful breakfast!

  2. Thanks! I thought the photos made it look just as good as it tasted! 🙂

  3. highonhealthy

    It’s definitely worth getting ready for just one mile! One mile is better than no mile. 🙂

    Breakfast looks like it was fantastic! I had some (a lot) of cantaloupe for breakfast too.

  4. I know! I did it, and feel much better now — not like such a bum! 🙂 Cantaloupe = lurrrrrv!

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