Need Flavor? Add Chili Sauce!

I’m not kidding folks, chili sauce fixes most things.  If it doesn’t need fixing, then chili sauce will only make it mas tasty!

Even though my leftovers from last night’s peanutty noodles and veg were already delicious, I thought I would add some chili sauce — just because I COULD!

Check out the beauteous dish!

Here’s something that’s awesome. Running makes me a bottomless pit! I’m pretty much hungry all the time. YUM!



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6 responses to “Need Flavor? Add Chili Sauce!

  1. Katherine: What About Summer?

    What a great way to add pizzaz to a recipe! nice tip! (I feel like I’m a bottomless pit too)

  2. YUM! Your pics always make me HANGRY! Which is a good thing, I suppose! Note to self: eat before stalking blogs. Its like shopping on an empty stomach…you end up wanting EVERYTHING! 🙂

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