Looks Like Kellen Isn’t The Only Award Winner In the Hizzouse!

Kellen won an Emmy last year.

But I won the Versatile Blogger Award!  HUZZAH!  Cameron over at Ingenue Mom thinks I’m versatile!  WIN!  I love Cameron’s blog because I love reading about being a new mom from someone my age! It’s such an interesting subject to me.  Plus, Cameron is very into organic things, blogging advice, and taking adorable photos of her baby girl, Isis!  So part of this award is sharing 7 things about myself that you might not know and then passing this award on to 5 4 other bloggies!  I’m going to tell you my 7 fav. foods (in no particular order)!

1. Pasta salad from WalMart

2. Strawberries

3. Nuts, especially almonds and walnuts

4. Spinach

5. Zucchini

6. Bananas with nut butter

7. Choco milk!

So I’m going to pass this award on to the following awesome bloggers!  Go to their blogs and taste the happy!

The Winedown

Not Really Blog Material

Healthy And Fun

High On Healthy

I love you guys!



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6 responses to “Looks Like Kellen Isn’t The Only Award Winner In the Hizzouse!

  1. Thanks very much! I’m glad you enjoy the blog. Congrats to you on your award as well!

  2. highonhealthy

    Yessss! Thanks for the award! I love getting awards, they make the sun even brighter. Or they make it appear sunny out even when the sky is covered in clouds and it’s raining.

  3. whitney!!!! thank you!!! you are the sweetest!!!!!! congrats to you as well!!

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