Thank Goodness For Other Blogs!

Bonjour!  I haven’t blogged in a few days.  I also haven’t read anything in my google reader in a few days.  As a result my iPhone is screaming that there are 70+ posts, 196 tweets, and 3 blog comments that have yet to be looked at.  Sorry Interweb, I took the weekend off.

This is what I lurrv about blogging.  There are sometimes when I just don’t get to it, or want to take a break — and that’s okay!  It’s not a job, it’s not a class, it’s not homework.  It’s something I have complete control over.  I decide the hours I blog and the effort I put in.  I can even blog whilst sipping on my second glass of Pino Grigio if I feel so inclined.

So I took the weekend off.  It was Kellen’s birthday so I was making oreo pie, a giant sign to put on the garage door, and being sneaky.  The weekend was full of fun and indulgence!  So after two days of not so great meals I felt like what I wanted more that anything was REAL FOOD, not too much, mostly plants.  Thank you, Michael Pollan.

So here’s my breakfast.  Two eggs and strawberries.  YES PLEASE.

There were a lot more strawberries on the plate, but I got through them before I remembered to take a photo!

So the title of this post is “Thank Goodness For Other Blogs!”  Here’s why.  Whenever I have had a not so great couple of days it usually coincides with not reading other food blogs.  I get so much inspiration from other bloggers.  Their recipes, workout plans, and books they are reading always find their way into my life.  So this morning when I woke up I knew that I was going to want to read at least one of my fav. bloggers to remind myself how great it is to eat well and take care of my body.  So when I clicked on Healthy Tipping Point this morning I was thinking I would see something wonderful Caitlin had eaten or a fun workout she had done.  Instead I found THIS.

In case you never click on the links I post on here I’ll give you a quick and dirty of the thing that really hit home for me!

React appropriately when you don’t eat super well! If you are thinking about what you eat in terms of being healthy for life then having a couple of off days are not going to set you back in the long run.

There’s no need to give up for the week, the month, or half a year just because you had deep fried chinese food and a couple rum and cokes!  When your body feels tired, overly-full, and generally out of whack what it DOESN’T want is more nasty crap.  LISTEN to what your body is telling you:

“‘Tums! Okay, that was fun, but seriously, I am not cut out to process gobs of fried deliciousness over and over.  Once in a while, okay!  But I’m tired.  Could I please have some juicy fruit and a lot of water?  Thanks, I love you!”

Then I say, “I love you too, body!  How about some strawberries and eggs?”

Right now my body is thanking me by feeling seriously great!

What will your body thank you for today?



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6 responses to “Thank Goodness For Other Blogs!

  1. highonhealthy

    My body will thank me for.. working out! Because I haven’t really worked out much in the past 2 weeks and have just been a lazy party hobo.

    The thing is, I’ve been really good to my body today but it has decided to hate on me anyways.

  2. I find I blog better while sipping that 2nd glass of Pino…

  3. Not just you! Ice cream helps in all sorts of situations. I really love home made banana fro yo! You can cover it with yumtastic things like nutella and not feel guilty! 🙂

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