Breakfast of Champions!

Because I’m a champion!  I ran exceptionally fast this morning — 3 miles at 9:54 pace.  I know, I know, there are lots of people out there who are faster than me.  But here’s the thing, if you are a runner you know that running, while it seems like a sport where you are competitive with others, you are actually competing against yourself the majority of the time.

So today, I kicked yesterday’s run in the bootay, thus, making me a champion.  So the breakfast I (the champion) ate this morning becomes the breakfast of champions!

One egg, a half a whole grain sandwich thin and strawberries.  I dipped the sandwich thin in the egg.  Because that’s how this woman rollz!

Here’s a fun fact about strawberries I read in Woman’s World Magazine: They help in the bedroom! The seeds are full of zinc — which, apparently, is good for a good time!  Strawberries are in season RIGHT NOW!  So grab your man and take advantage!



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5 responses to “Breakfast of Champions!

  1. highonhealthy

    YOU ARE A CHAMPION! I want that breakfast.. especially the strawberries because they are looking fabulous. The strawberries in my grocery store have been so bland.. but I devour them anyways.

  2. Thanks! I think they only look so great because I buy them and literally eat half the thing that day! If I leave them in the container too long they get icky FAST!

  3. way to go! You are so much more motivated than I am! I wimped out of a run and settled for elliptical gym time instead :/

  4. Great information. I think I may go grab some right now:)

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