Thing One and Thing Two

The idea of these two things running amuck in your house while you aren’t home is unsettling.

Luckily, these are not the two things I have to talk about.

THING 1:  The now somewhat elusive Kombucha.

For those new to kombucha (like me) it is fermented chinese tea!  YUM! Fermented tea!  I tried it because lots of bloggers have been talking it up, some have been making their own, and it has recently been taken off the shelves of Whole Foods due to concerns over its alcohol content.

At the top of the bottle there are strands of culture left in the tea, so I shook it up.  It seemed like a natural thing to do upon seeing crap floating in my drink.  Right after shaking it up I saw this:

Waaaaay down at the bottom — DO NOT SHAKE.

So I googled “why you shouldn’t shake kombucha” and found that the only issue is that it makes it more bubbly.  I opened the lid CAREFULLY.

I took a sniff.  Oh, this stuff does not smell like something I should put in my body.  BUT I do watch a lot of Bizarre Foods and the host, Andrew Zimmern eats many fermented things, especially in Asia.  So I get myself a straw (to avoid the culture at the top — I’m a pansy. What, you wanna fight about it?) and take a sip.

It’s more than a little like vinegar.  I put it down and resign myself to the fact that kombucha will never be our tea.  Moments later I found myself thinking about the vinegary tang of the drink.  I had to go back for another sip.  And another.

It turns out that while I would never describe this as a “yummy” drink, there’s something to it.  I personally love to sip something while I cook dinner and this would be perfect for that!  I can also see it being a great thing to have if you were going to bars and didn’t feel like drinking.  You can’t drink it quickly and it’s got a tang that alcoholic drinks often have.

I give it 4 out of 5 iPods.

THING 2: These completely amazing cookies.  They were on sale at the checkout counter of Fresh Market.  How could I resist!

I could literally nuke these for 20 seconds in the microwave, put them on a plate and serve them to guests, telling them that I baked them myself.  They taste ridiculously good.  Not like most store-bought cookies that taste plastic-y.  You know the flavor I’m talking about.  Like they have sat in their wrapper WAY too long.

Plus, check this shiz out:

Good for my belly AND Mother Nature won’t bitch slap me for being irresponsible. DOUBLE WIN!

Eat bite is full of dried crans, oatmeal, and walnuts.  I have to go eat one before I drool down the front of my t-shirt.

Buy these cookies.



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5 responses to “Thing One and Thing Two

  1. spikeandrox

    …your blog entries are the things of which books are made….jus’ sayin’…..

  2. I still haven’t tried kombucha – they’re just so expensive!

  3. here in the VA, GT’s kombucha got pulled off the shelves because it is just a bit too fermented!!!!!! No wonder I felt so good after drinking those bad boys!

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