Wonderful Wednesday: KNIVES!

Knives can be scary.

But you need them.  They are good for lots of things.  Like:

  • cutting potatoes
  • cutting cans
  • cutting pennies
  • slicing tomatoes
  • smooshing garlic
  • opening champagne in a fancy way

Most likely you already have some knives — but they might not be wonderful.  Here are my knives:

They were a gift 4 years ago from Kellen when I was on a BIG Rachel Ray kick.  They are made by Furi and have nice grippy handles.  You might not be comfortable using super sharp knives, but they are actually SAFER than a duller knife.  You have to use twice the force to cut through things with a dull knife so if you slip you are gonna really slice into yourself.  Don’t get me wrong, it hurts like a mofo when you slice yourself with a sharp knife.  I cut into my thumb the second week I had these and thought I might die — but trust me, sharp is the way to go.

Here’s why they are so wonderful:

  • There are three of them, so no matter what you are doing there’s a knife to help you do it!
  • They don’t spot when you wash them.  You know how cheaper cutlery sometimes spots.
  • The Furi logo on my favorite of the three knives is fading — I just love that I’ve used it enough to cause fading!
  • Four years later they are STILL sharp.
  • When I cut with them I feel like a chef!

Here is my favorite of the knives.

So go out and get yourself some good knives.  Nobody likes chopping with a steak knife.



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4 responses to “Wonderful Wednesday: KNIVES!

  1. highonhealthy

    Nice knives! We have some pretty decent knives at my house but none of them are as snazzy as yours. When I get my own knives I want them to have a pretty handle color.. maybe pink.

  2. Hahahhaaha I love that picture of you! I totally lol’d.

    Please, please PLEASE! tell me you have seen this, as this is what immediately came to mind when I read this post:

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