All My Dreams Are Coming True!

I’m so enjoying my vacation but I HAD to tell you that I am in food paradise! Here’s proof:

We started with N And Out Burger. The fries have a neat texture. Like memory foam!

Then we went to Yogurtland! More like ice cream heaven! Mine had choco, pistachio, and strawberry yogurt with fudge, oatmeal, walnuts, strawberries, chocochips, and Heath pieces.

Then we went to Trader Joes! Holy moly! Healthy and cheap! I want to go to there.



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5 responses to “All My Dreams Are Coming True!

  1. now your sundae looked delicious….but fries that feel like memory foam, was that a good or bad thing!

  2. are you alive? I joined twitter and you aren’t there! Hope all is okay! Miss you!

    Also I need your advice!!! Running a half in december!!!! eeeek

    • Oh my goodness! I’m alllliiiiiive! I just haven’t been blogging in about 3 weeks! EEEEK! That is so exciting about the half! I LOVED running my first half marathon! You will love it! You are completely capable and will feel so accomplished not only after the race but also during training — because odds are, you will run distances during training that you never thought possible!

  3. Your blog caught my attention because we have the same name!

    Trader Joe’s is the love of my life. I wrote a 12 page paper on how amazing Trader Joe’s was about two years ago haha.

    Seeing your Fro Yo makes me want to build a store around my area since one has yet to be developed

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