Is more than just a surly rapper.  I have been missing in action for the past three weeks!  Apologies!

Our vacation was great.  HelL.A. was amazing.  It is the promised land when it comes to yogurt and expensive houses.  San Fran was impressive as well.  It boasts roller coaster streets and dementors!  Because of the FOG, people — they must be breeding!

I even met some famous people!

It doesn’t seem like he shares my excitement.

No food photos in this post — sorry!  I’ve been busy setting up my classroom (with my mom’s help, of course!)  Here’s how it’s looking.  I’ve got a new green wall!  Also, do you like the bulletin board brown or white?

That’s the brown (with blue and yellow — clearly I can’t decide what I want).

Here’s the white.  It’s actually a marbled paper.

Ahhh, school.

Here is the final thing.  In an effort to have better luck at my 15 mile run that I attempted on Sunday (I only made it through 13 miles of it) I’m telling all of you that I will be attempting the 15 miles again this Friday.  Please watch out of me on the roads.  If you see a crumpled pile of girl on the sidewalk please stop and take me home.  I’m being facetious. I fully plan to complete this epic run — even if it wrecks me.

Yay for blogging!  I’m back!



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5 responses to “M.I.A.

  1. I LOVE the green wall! And I think I like the bulletin board better white…but I dunno, I see the appeal of both.

    Yay for school! I’m jealous! I could’ve had my own classroom right now, but instead I have a baby. Okay I’m not jealous anymore…

  2. spikeandrox

    …uumm, in Delbert McClinton’s words…
    “Til I got my courage up enough to try
    And when I went ahead and spread my wings
    I found out I could fly

    Sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith
    Sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith….”

  3. spikeandrox

    Delbert is my travelin’ man (musically speaking) along w/ Lynerd…

  4. eatspinlive

    13 miles is awesome 🙂

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