Living La Vida Loca

That’s what I did this morning.

I haven’t been too active since I killed my foot back in September.  To be fair, for a good portion of that time my foot hurt like eight bitches on a bitch boat — oh come on, it’s from ATHF bro! — and I had a giant boot on until the beginning of November.  But here it is, the end of December and I’ve run about two times.  Those run were done in the two days that we haven’t had snow on the ground.  Yes, this winter is blessing us with snow at least once a week thus far.

But I digress.  I’m out of shape is the point, people!  So I bought a video game to combat the icky feelings that come along with not being active.

I joined the party indeed.

You “play” by following along with the dancing lady on the screen.  She looks like this:

There are something like 30 different routines on this game — which is impressive considering my Turbo Jam videos only have 6 different routines total!

This is sexy dancing at it’s best.  Also, I’m completely awesome at following along with the routines.  As it turns out, I could be a back-up dancer in a Ricky Martin video.

After dancing like mad for an hour I had some breakfast.  Bran flakes and coffee.

The breakfast of latin pop stars across the land.


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