Oreo Balls Will Make You Barf

I KNOW it’s not just me.  They are ruining my life, one ball at a time.

I’ve been making oreo balls all day for some presents.  Before I started to work on them here’s what I ate for lunch:

You guessed it — oreo balls!  As I said before, they are ruining my life and for the majority of the day I felt like ass.

On the off chance that you too want to feel like ass (or want to give someone the gift of feeling like ass for the holidays) here’s how to make them.

Pulverize a box or oreos in the food processor then mix them with a thing of whipped cream cheese.

Roll them into balls and put them in the freezer to chill out.

Melt up some almond bark in the microwave to dip the balls in.

Then just let them harden up.

So that’s how to ruin your day with oreo balls.


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  1. oh! send me some! jk! they sound delicious!

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