This Post Is About Teaching

Teaching can be overwhelming. (But not when you have an angel on your shoulder!)

But I’ve done something this year that I dreamed about doing when I was still in college.  Make a notebook full of lessons and the materials I’d need to teach those lessons for an entire year, thus making all of the following years much easier to manage.  Of course, if you’re a teacher you know that you will never do the exact same thing each year — but these notebooks should give me a pretty good outline.

ACK! Tons of disorganized papers!  Don’t get upset, there’s a plan.

Get a notebook and label it “yearly plans”.  OR you might want to label it something else to ward off people stealing your precious notebooks.  “Photos Of My Knee Surgery” should work.

Copy your plans for that week and put it in the sleeve.  Label it “Week ___”.

Behind your plans put all the materials you will need for that week.  Including any team plans you might have (these will be very handy when you look back next year and see “Leprechaun writing” in bold print written across three days.  Simply look up your more detailed team plans and see what, in fact your are writing about).

All the materials you have gathered for the week need to be put in a bin.  I like to put mine in the order in which I will use them.  So that when I finish the last thing on Wednesday, Thursday’s morning work is on the top of my pile.

I used to think it was good enough simply to have my things copied and in a big pile.  I would grab them when the time came.  Having them done is not good enough — having them in order saves me tons of hassle.  I can’t believe it took me 5 years to learn that.

Your bin is done.  Put it somewhere out of the way, but close to where you sit.  You want to be able to grab things as you need them.

Now you are totally finished for next week AND have copies made for half of the week after next. Try to control your guilt as you walk away from school before the sun sets.

You’re welcomo!



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2 responses to “This Post Is About Teaching

  1. spikeandrox

    …once again….YOU ARE AMAZING…and like your father…extremely well organized in your work….I love love love it…and most of all I love you…my wonderful and … saying it again….amazing teacher-daughter!! Your students are extremely fortunate to be in your class…..LHK from your original and continuing number 1 admirer and supporter….

  2. spikeandrox

    …love the little phynangel…..

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