New Year, New(ish) Blog, New House

It’s 2012 and we’re all still here.  Hoorah.  I’m still here, a year after my last post, motivated again to blog.  There are some changes on the way, however.  I shall hence forth list them:

1. New blog name and website.  Pretty soon you’ll be able to get all of Whitney’s Kitchen videos AND the awesomeness that was/is Whitney’s Blogtastic Blog at Don’t click it just yet though, it’s still cooking. IT WORKS! YOU CAN CLICK IT NOW!

2. We bought a new house.  It’s pretty awesome.  You’ll see many more pictures on the blog, especially of the kitchen.  Here are some of the rooms.

The Kitchen

The Finished Basement

Living Room

Now when I’m describing my life you can imagine me lounging in these rooms; because most of what I do is lounging-related.

3. Finally, I will be adding videos from Whitney’s Kitchen up here as I make things.  So sometimes I will post pics of what I make and eat and other times I will just post a ridiculous cooking show to show you how to do it.  Spoiler alert: None of the things on Whitney’s Kitchen the show are ever good; don’t make them.  Here’s a little rerun for you. Apocalypse Tea:

And thus ends my list of changes for the year 2012.  I hope we all live through it.


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