First Foods Of The New Year

Not really, more like the 21st – 23rd foods of the new year.  For breakfast I ate eggs.  Kellen was feeling eggy this morning and I was needing a reason to finish them off before grocery shopping this afternoon.  His was full of cheese and mine was full of that same cheese plus the goodness of tomato (which also needed to be eaten before it turned).

Yum coffee.  I once tried to give it up.  It ruined my month.

From breakfast I moved on to some left over pad thai; which there is no picture of. Lo siento.

Then I ate this:

The epicness that is the Culver’s Concrete Mixer.  Choco custard, M&Ms, and pecans.  The people at Culver’s will remind you that pecans are $1 extra.  Pay them immediately and thank me later.

Last night we went to a movie premiere for the independent film The Lot.  It was about cannibalism. Yum. Afterward we all went out to eat.  I got a delicious pasta dish full of feta, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, and kalamata olives.  Kellen thought it smelled like New York City in August; it was scent we revisited tonight for dinner.

I bulked it up with baby spinach.

Adding spinach is such an easy way to stretch a meal!  I use it in my lunches nearly every day.  After dinner I had the rest of this:

Now that the custard is out of the house I’m ready to finish watching I Love You Man.  And I love all of you for reading this bloggity.


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