Eating Her Curds And Coffee

Vinegar has many uses.  You can make delicious pasta salad, oil and vinegar on a sandwich is just tops, and you can make volcanoes, all with the help of vinegar.  Vinegar is also a very powerful, cheap, and natural cleaner.  It is great to clean out clogged pipes, as an everyday surface cleaner in the kitchen, and to get out nasty-pants stank  .

I chose to clean the coffee maker with it.  To be fair, coffee maker cleaner is suspiciously specific as a product and I’m lazy.

So I filled up the tank with white vinegar and pressed the “clean” button.  A half hour later our kitchen reeked of hot vinegar but our coffee maker was clean.  I ran a bunch of water through on the “clean” cycle afterward in the hopes of cleaning out any latent vinegar.  I thought I had gotten all of it out.  This morning’s cup of coffee begged to differ.

Check out those curds!  Milk and vinegar-laced coffee are not friends.  The coffee also smelled like a dead rat.

I made another pot (which was only 27% better than the first) and drank it along with this delightful b-fast:

Arnold sandwich thins with almond butter, raw honey, and strawberries.  I hadn’t had strawberries in fo-eva.  They completed me.

Get ready for some Whitney’s Kitchen show action coming soon.  I filmed TWO episodes tonight! BOOM!  You’re welcome, Earth.



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2 responses to “Eating Her Curds And Coffee

  1. etertfs

    White vinegar is the one to use for cleaning the coffee maker. I use 1 cup white vinegar with 2 cups water run through the brewing cycle. Next, run at least 4 cups plain water through the brewing cycle of the coffee pot. If vinegar smell persists, brew another 4 cups of plain water through the pot. Don’t ever use apple cider vinegar for cleaning the coffee pot…it’s too “strong” in taste and smell….

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