Leftovers. It’s A Quandary. A Quandary!

30 Rock references anyone?

Cooking for two was scary for me about four years ago.  Maybe scary is the wrong word.  It’s hard to boil down my “if I make this casserole it’ll go bad before we finish it, but I don’t want to cut down the recipe because then I’ll have to do math” feeling into one word.

I would make dishes in my 9×13 pyrex pan and we would eat through about half of it before it would start giving us the stink-eye.  We’d have to pitch it (but not before letting it sit in the fridge long enough to start a small militia group with the cottage cheese and old lunch meat).

Finally I wised up and started taking leftovers for lunch rather than a sandwich (a-doooooyyy).  Community reference anyone?  (Bring it back!!!!)

The main part of our dinners are generally of the pasta/rice/noodle variety and I don’t like having pasta for lunch then more pasta for dinner.  I like to lighten up my lunch with handfuls of spinach.

I enjoy using baby spinach because I feel so awesomely healthy and proud of myself when I fill an entire tupperware with it before adding leftovers.  It’s always nice to stroke the ego a little bit whilst making my noon-time meal.

I add so much spinach because it wilts down to next to nothing once you nuke it in the microwave.  I end up going through a big thing of spinach each week. “You are an amazingly strong woman,” cooed her ego, “you remind me of Popeye.”

After I stock up on spinach I cut a slab/spoon a gob of leftovers into the dish.

Check out that topper cheese! It’s so thick it should be in a Nicki Minaj video.

Nom, nom, nom.  Spinach, zucchini, mushroom, pesto lasagna on top of spinach. It’s so deliciously healthy (save for the Nicki Minaj cheese)!  I should trademark the idea of spinachy leftovers!

Easy, ego, easy.

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One response to “Leftovers. It’s A Quandary. A Quandary!

  1. etertfs

    You have a wicked sense of humour! 🙂

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