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Morning Rou-Time Management

Do you like my “pun”? I turned “routine” into “rou-time”.  I’m also getting paid for each quotation mark I use.

I have learned to save time in the morning by doing a couple of different things.  Saving time allows me to sleep in just a little bit later, sit a little longer on the couch with my coffee, or mack on my man before he brushes his teeth.  We’re still saying “mack”, right?  Some things I do to save time include but are not limited to:

1. Using the “delay brew” option on the coffee maker.

2. “Eating” a liquid breakfast on the run.

3. Not drying my hair.

4. Taking showers at night (you might say, “ew”, I might say, “you can leave!”)

5. Wearing basically the same thing everyday.

This post will cover only the first two things; coffee and breakfast.

I save time in the morning by setting up the coffee maker the night before.

I choose the perfect blend.  Ahh, there it is.  I spoon four perfect tablespoons into the coffee maker.

Damn, the tablespoon knocked into the maker on the first try.  Most of the coffee falls into the tiny crevices of the coffee maker.  Those hard to reach coffee bean pieces are already starting an army of mold!

The rest of the grounds falls to the floor where Phyn is all too eager to lick them up.  I sure hope he lives through this.

Coffee is all cleaned up.  Was I on scoop number one or two?  I think I’ll have some tortilla chips to tide me over while I make this coffee and dinner.

You’re kidding me right? Man down! Tortilla in the coffee.

Finally ready to push the delay brew.

I swear it is all worth it to save 3 minutes in the morning.

Morning minute saver number 2.  Sip yo’ b-fast.  Smoothies people! It’s a movement!  Here’s what I’ve been into lately:

Appl-nan-berry-al-butter smoothies.

You need all this. Go get it.

Chop up your apple fairly small (it helps with the blending).

Throw your apple, strawberries, ice, hemp milk (or whatever milk you have, I like hemp because it makes me feel so laid back, mon!), and aloe vera juice in the blender and blend.  I add the aloe vera juice because it helps a lot with soothing tummy troubles; if you have no troubles it’s a good preventative 🙂

Throw in half a banana (eat the other half at work), a huge thing of almond butter, a ridiculous amount of spinach, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Blend that shizz up.

Boom. Breakfast.  Eat it on the road in your blender bottle or sip it daintily with a straw whilst you peruse pinterest.  Although, pinterest will probably only make you late.




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