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Eating Her Curds And Coffee

Vinegar has many uses.  You can make delicious pasta salad, oil and vinegar on a sandwich is just tops, and you can make volcanoes, all with the help of vinegar.  Vinegar is also a very powerful, cheap, and natural cleaner.  It is great to clean out clogged pipes, as an everyday surface cleaner in the kitchen, and to get out nasty-pants stank  .

I chose to clean the coffee maker with it.  To be fair, coffee maker cleaner is suspiciously specific as a product and I’m lazy.

So I filled up the tank with white vinegar and pressed the “clean” button.  A half hour later our kitchen reeked of hot vinegar but our coffee maker was clean.  I ran a bunch of water through on the “clean” cycle afterward in the hopes of cleaning out any latent vinegar.  I thought I had gotten all of it out.  This morning’s cup of coffee begged to differ.

Check out those curds!  Milk and vinegar-laced coffee are not friends.  The coffee also smelled like a dead rat.

I made another pot (which was only 27% better than the first) and drank it along with this delightful b-fast:

Arnold sandwich thins with almond butter, raw honey, and strawberries.  I hadn’t had strawberries in fo-eva.  They completed me.

Get ready for some Whitney’s Kitchen show action coming soon.  I filmed TWO episodes tonight! BOOM!  You’re welcome, Earth.



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First Foods Of The New Year

Not really, more like the 21st – 23rd foods of the new year.  For breakfast I ate eggs.  Kellen was feeling eggy this morning and I was needing a reason to finish them off before grocery shopping this afternoon.  His was full of cheese and mine was full of that same cheese plus the goodness of tomato (which also needed to be eaten before it turned).

Yum coffee.  I once tried to give it up.  It ruined my month.

From breakfast I moved on to some left over pad thai; which there is no picture of. Lo siento.

Then I ate this:

The epicness that is the Culver’s Concrete Mixer.  Choco custard, M&Ms, and pecans.  The people at Culver’s will remind you that pecans are $1 extra.  Pay them immediately and thank me later.

Last night we went to a movie premiere for the independent film The Lot.  It was about cannibalism. Yum. Afterward we all went out to eat.  I got a delicious pasta dish full of feta, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, and kalamata olives.  Kellen thought it smelled like New York City in August; it was scent we revisited tonight for dinner.

I bulked it up with baby spinach.

Adding spinach is such an easy way to stretch a meal!  I use it in my lunches nearly every day.  After dinner I had the rest of this:

Now that the custard is out of the house I’m ready to finish watching I Love You Man.  And I love all of you for reading this bloggity.

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New Year, New(ish) Blog, New House

It’s 2012 and we’re all still here.  Hoorah.  I’m still here, a year after my last post, motivated again to blog.  There are some changes on the way, however.  I shall hence forth list them:

1. New blog name and website.  Pretty soon you’ll be able to get all of Whitney’s Kitchen videos AND the awesomeness that was/is Whitney’s Blogtastic Blog at Don’t click it just yet though, it’s still cooking. IT WORKS! YOU CAN CLICK IT NOW!

2. We bought a new house.  It’s pretty awesome.  You’ll see many more pictures on the blog, especially of the kitchen.  Here are some of the rooms.

The Kitchen

The Finished Basement

Living Room

Now when I’m describing my life you can imagine me lounging in these rooms; because most of what I do is lounging-related.

3. Finally, I will be adding videos from Whitney’s Kitchen up here as I make things.  So sometimes I will post pics of what I make and eat and other times I will just post a ridiculous cooking show to show you how to do it.  Spoiler alert: None of the things on Whitney’s Kitchen the show are ever good; don’t make them.  Here’s a little rerun for you. Apocalypse Tea:

And thus ends my list of changes for the year 2012.  I hope we all live through it.

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This Post Is About Teaching

Teaching can be overwhelming. (But not when you have an angel on your shoulder!)

But I’ve done something this year that I dreamed about doing when I was still in college.  Make a notebook full of lessons and the materials I’d need to teach those lessons for an entire year, thus making all of the following years much easier to manage.  Of course, if you’re a teacher you know that you will never do the exact same thing each year — but these notebooks should give me a pretty good outline.

ACK! Tons of disorganized papers!  Don’t get upset, there’s a plan.

Get a notebook and label it “yearly plans”.  OR you might want to label it something else to ward off people stealing your precious notebooks.  “Photos Of My Knee Surgery” should work.

Copy your plans for that week and put it in the sleeve.  Label it “Week ___”.

Behind your plans put all the materials you will need for that week.  Including any team plans you might have (these will be very handy when you look back next year and see “Leprechaun writing” in bold print written across three days.  Simply look up your more detailed team plans and see what, in fact your are writing about).

All the materials you have gathered for the week need to be put in a bin.  I like to put mine in the order in which I will use them.  So that when I finish the last thing on Wednesday, Thursday’s morning work is on the top of my pile.

I used to think it was good enough simply to have my things copied and in a big pile.  I would grab them when the time came.  Having them done is not good enough — having them in order saves me tons of hassle.  I can’t believe it took me 5 years to learn that.

Your bin is done.  Put it somewhere out of the way, but close to where you sit.  You want to be able to grab things as you need them.

Now you are totally finished for next week AND have copies made for half of the week after next. Try to control your guilt as you walk away from school before the sun sets.

You’re welcomo!


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Get Your Green On

I’m on the green monster train (read more about it at!  If you have time in the morning, a juicer and/or blender, and a desire to have 89 oz of liquid in your tummy by 6:30 in the morning then give this a go.

These photos were all taken with my iPhone.  You’re going to hate the quality.

I’ve started making juice each morning.  Kellen drinks his and I mix mine with handfuls of spinach and frozen berries in the blender.  Here is how it goes down:

I pick and choose from a massive fruit/veg stash the things that strike my fancy for that day.  It’s fun to announce to Kellen each morning what this morning’s juice is made from.

This morning’s juice had:

  • 1 kiwi
  • 3 stalks of celery
  • 3 apples
  • 3 oranges
  • 3 carrots
  • 1 pear

I make juice for two so if you’re mate doesn’t dig mounds of fruit that early you can just halve the amount.

Put the whole lot through your juicer.

This week I found a tropical frozen mix of mango, strawberry and banana at Whole Foods.  I mix about 5 pieces of whatever frozen fruit/berry mix I have on hand with 2-3 cups (2 heavy handfuls) of spinach and half the juice.

What’s green, red, and goes 70 mph — I frog in a blender! Har Har.  I know. That was in poor taste.

Put the whole thing in a glass and drink up.

I sometimes get hungry if I only drink a green monster for breakfast so I also ate a blueberry waffle with almond butter and a coffee with soy milk.

If you are still skeptical about this juice QUIT!  It is a miracle.  I have literally had half of my class out sick in the past two weeks with all sorts of illnesses and I have dodged every one.


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Try at Blogging # 562

And here comes the first post of the new year.  Guess what. It’s nearly spring! Which means my boycott of outdoor running has come to a close.  So today I went running as per my 1/2 mary training plan.

Here’s the sweat to prove it:

My run for today was 5 miles with 3 by [2:00, 2:30].  I went one mile out then started the workout. I had a little more than one mile for my cool down.  I was happy with my average pace of 10:09.


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Living La Vida Loca

That’s what I did this morning.

I haven’t been too active since I killed my foot back in September.  To be fair, for a good portion of that time my foot hurt like eight bitches on a bitch boat — oh come on, it’s from ATHF bro! — and I had a giant boot on until the beginning of November.  But here it is, the end of December and I’ve run about two times.  Those run were done in the two days that we haven’t had snow on the ground.  Yes, this winter is blessing us with snow at least once a week thus far.

But I digress.  I’m out of shape is the point, people!  So I bought a video game to combat the icky feelings that come along with not being active.

I joined the party indeed.

You “play” by following along with the dancing lady on the screen.  She looks like this:

There are something like 30 different routines on this game — which is impressive considering my Turbo Jam videos only have 6 different routines total!

This is sexy dancing at it’s best.  Also, I’m completely awesome at following along with the routines.  As it turns out, I could be a back-up dancer in a Ricky Martin video.

After dancing like mad for an hour I had some breakfast.  Bran flakes and coffee.

The breakfast of latin pop stars across the land.

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