My First Green Monster!

Yes, I made my first green monster ever this morning.  If you are interested in getting the full story of the green monster you can visit Oh She Glows.  Basically I mixed together a bunch of things in my blender.  Here’s what I mixed:

  • frozen banana
  • a few frozen strawberries
  • ice
  • milk
  • three hand-fulls of spinach
  • a tablespoon of coco

It was not so bad.  I thought it might be weird — but it was pretty good.  I would do it again for sure.  In fact, today, I bought some extra frozen berries just for green monsters.

For lunch I had the rest of my chicken salad sandwich from yesterday with the last of the pasta salad.

Then we went grocery shopping and I ate a whole lot of nutella.

I had leftover chinese.

And a Bud Light Honey Wheat.  I love this beer!  It’s brewed with citrus and coriander — delightful!

Then I wanted some strawberries and sugar — but we left them at the store — FAIL. Oh well.


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